How Rêve Academy works

Since 2010, we’ve helped 5,000 diverse students dream with direction℠ through pathways to digital careers.


In schools

We train teachers to use our curriculum in the classroom, where students learn practical skills in:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Design

On site

Students intern with our Student-Run Businesses, where they get hands-on experience working for real clients.

(They make real money, too!)


In the future

Rêve Academy alumni are:

  • More likely to graduate high school
  • Better prepared for college
  • Ready to succeed in the workplace

Remember when you were in high school?

You were trying to figure out your future, but there was so much you didn’t know. Who was it that helped you find your path? Maybe it was a teacher who saw your potential…a coach who cheered you on…a friend who helped you push through a hard year. You can be that person for our students.



your professional skills by volunteering with student interns. Learn how >



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Our school partnerships are flexible and supportive.

We know that educators are our greatest allies in closing the achievement gap.

Metro Heights Academy

Metro Heights Academy

It’s amazing to see my students taking ownership of their work and staying on task. The structure of the course helps them to have more buy-in. And them taking ownership has freed me up to observe, give feedback, and essentially coach them to greater heights.

– Brianne Peterson, teacher

Folwell School

Folwell School

Now I can remind my students, “Remember that you are in job training right now! It takes a little bit of energy, but you can do it!” And they respond to that. Learning these skills and thinking about their future job is such a motivator for them.

– Suzanne Kobilka, teacher

We work with all kinds of schools and teachers, but what they have in common is a desire to engage their students with digital skills. We supply the rest: teacher coaching, well-designed curricula, and the opportunity for students to intern at Rêve Academy if they excel in their coursework.

Our internships have life-changing results.

We’re creating world-class digital leaders in North Minneapolis and beyond.


Khem, 17

“When I came here, I looked at the 3D printer and thought, ‘What is this?’ I had never seen that before. Then later I learned it all—Adobe Illustrator, 3D printing, Fusion 360. It was amazing to use those things.”


Najeedah, 18

“Being here has changed my whole perception of my future career, and what I actually want to do. I’ve started my own graphic and web design business and working with Rêve Academy really influenced me.”


Avery, 18

“It’s so different from school, where they just slap a paper in front of you and give you an assignment. Here, they want to interact with you and make sure you’re doing something that you actually like to be doing.”

Our Student-Run Businesses deliver top-notch work.

We generate over 30% of our budget with our earned-income model.


Content management

Don’t have time to update your content as often as you’d like? We can keep your business assets fresh, organized, and updated, whether they consist of a single blog or a complex multi-site system.


Website design

Need a stunning new website? We can do that, too. In fact, we can dream up and implement designs that will please the most discerning client—all at a competitive rate.


Print & Digital Marketing

Our team wants to help you communicate with your stakeholders effectively. Whether you need eye-catching business cards, brochures, or online banners, we’re the perfect partner.

When you work with Rêve Academy, you’ll meet a business need, do good for the community, and help create the next generation of digital talent. Find out how you can partner with Rêve Academy’s Student-Run Businesses.

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