Rêve EDU

As a non-profit educational service provider, Rêve Academy works with schools to close the achievement gap. By engaging kids both in and out of the classroom, we reach thousands of students a year.

Partnership Overview


In the classroom

We train and coach educators in our Emergent Teaching Methodology. It helps students take ownership of their learning, with proven strategies to:

  • Set ambitious goals in partnership with a teacher
  • Work backwards to plan out steps that lead to their goals
  • Use agility, collaboration, and ingenuity to design their daily learning experience

Beyond the classroom

We offer paid internships in a contemporary office space, so students have the chance to:

  • Develop digital skills for their future career
  • Work with real clients, real deadlines, and real stakes
  • Learn how to thrive in a professional environment

Do teachers recommend us?



It’s been a great opportunity for the students. I think what it does is give them resources to see beyond high school and think about their future careers. It broadens their world beyond their neighborhood. They’re changing the way they think, even beyond the classroom.


—Brianne, high school teacher



There are all these perks that go with it—you get something useful like web design skills, and the option of having kids become interns at the end of the program just sounded awesome. Everybody wants to have a job skill, so the kids are really excited about it.


—Suzanne, high school teacher

“Give it a shot.”


Reve Academy has been quick to offer me support. Students find the online learning system easy to use, and they like how they can go at their own pace. In terms of impact, I have seen a great deal. Students’ professional and digital literacy skills have improved.


—Randall, high school teacher

What do we offer to partners?


Teacher coaching

You’re not alone. Get training and support along the way from an expert who understands your needs.


// Initial training

// Customized coaching

// Content support + co-planning

// Content + strategy demonstrations

// Emergent Teaching Methodology support

// Instructional feedback


Tech by Design

In this course, students learn how to plan, design, and present a website that responds to a school need. All content is available online.

Skills include:

// Visual communication

// Website design

// Professional development


Business By Design

This course builds on the skills in Tech by Design. Students learn how to identify community needs and create a business plan that solves one of them. All content is available online.

Skills include:

// Entrepreneurship

// Human-centered design

// Agile methodology

// Professional development



This course prepares students to enter the workforce with confidence. They’ll use student-driven experiential learning to build a personal brand and work on real-world projects.

Skills include:

// Branding

// Project management

// Market research

// Cost + pricing analysis

// User + customer experience

// Professional development

How we ensure quality

Trusted coursework + resources

Since 2011, our curriculum has been used by numerous public, private, and charter schools in Minnesota. Partner schools are fully supported with online content, instructional coaching, and research-based strategies that are simple to use.

Continuous improvement

We’re educators too—which is why we constantly update our offerings with the latest research. We also know how important it is to have an open and equal partnership. When we design alliances, we agree on regular check-ins to share data, goals, and best practices.