Our mission is to help kids dream with direction through pathways to digital careers.


Rêve Academy creates marketable talent by combining immersive coursework with real-world experience.

First, we partner with schools to deliver our methodology to over 1,000 students a year. Then promising students have the opportunity to intern at Rêve Academy, where they earn a wage and learn new skills while operating Student-Run Businesses.

Our philosophy is founded on the belief that kids can lead us into the future. By investing in them today, our community will see a better tomorrow.

Big dreams.  Big impact.

7,000 +

students served

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student interns


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“Rêve Academy gives me inspiration and a great reason to keep developing the multi-media skills that I hope to master one day.”

Avery, Senior Intern

Stories of Success

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Our Story

Rêve Academy was founded in 2010 in North Minneapolis, one of the most economically distressed areas in Minnesota. It’s here that that the state’s academic achievement gap is on full display: compared to their white counterparts, students of color are less likely to graduate from high school or become proficient in reading and math. In fact, both Minnesota’s achievement gap and employment gap are among the worst in the nation.

But there’s something else you should know: the fastest-growing segment of Minnesota’s future workforce is students of color. Our goal is to equip these students with the skills to succeed in high-demand, high-wage careers. Today our program serves middle and high school students from all over the Twin Cities Metro area. Around 80% of students served by Rêve Academy come from low-income homes, and 90% are racially or ethnically diverse.

We engage students in classrooms with our coursework and methodology, and then on site with our paid internships. Over time, students become proficient in business, technology, and design skills so they’re prepared to enter high-demand fields. Student also have the opportunity to refine their professional skills: achievement, agility, authenticity, collaboration, empathy, and ingenuity.

When it’s time to choose a career, Rêve Academy alumni will have the confidence and real-world experience to succeed in the modern workplace.

Rêve Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It meets standards of the Charities Review Council and is accredited by AdvancED as an education service provider.