Stories of Success

Our students are doing great things—and they’re just getting started. See how Rêve Academy prepares them for a brighter future.


“I feel like I’ve changed by taking constructive criticism in a way that’s not so personal. I’ve learned that it’s never personal, no one is trying to hurt me. So I try to use it to my advantage. I want them to see that I can make improvements and impress them.”


“I used to not talk in front of everyone. I would get way too nervous. Now I get nervous and then I take a deep breath and…I’m just nervous a little bit but I can handle myself. I think what has made the difference is all the people that are here.”


“I would say I’ve grown the most in leadership skills. I started showing it here—I started talking to a lot of people, got really comfortable with them. After a while I started showing my skills where I work. They recently asked me to be a trainer so I guess I’m a leader there, too.”

They’re actively engaged in their own learning.

When asked to describe their Rêve Academy experience, students gave us lots of different answers.
Exciting. Colorful. Awesome. Diverse. Interesting. Fun. They also said:


I would recommend Rêve Academy to a friend


I would return to Rêve Academy if I had the chance


I liked or loved the projects I worked on


I became more professional in a work environment


I learned skills I can use throughout my life


I thought the work was just challenging enough—not too easy, not too hard

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