At Rêve Academy, kids are the ones to incubate new ideas, inspire the community, and become digital leaders.


Since 2011, Rêve Academy has served nearly 4,000 students in the Twin Cities area. Our innovative model exposes students to a variety of skills and career paths in three core areas: business, technology, and design. By engaging kids both in and out of the classroom, we’re able to reach students who are often overlooked.

In schools


First, Rêve Academy partners with local schools to teach its curriculum in the classroom.

Teachers and administrators receive expert training on how to administer the curriculum, and students learn marketable skills that include business strategy, website development, and digital marketing.


// Web Design 101

// Business By Design

On site


Then, exemplary students have the opportunity to intern with Rêve Academy’s Student-Run Businesses.

Not only do interns earn a paycheck, they gain confidence in their ability to engage with technology, collaborate with peers, and thrive in a professional workplace. In many cases, students also receive school credit.

Student-Run Businesses

// Rêve Dev

// Rêve Retail

Skills + tools taught at Rêve Academy


// Professional skills development

// Marketing youth brands

// Project development

// Agile development


// Website development

// 3D modeling + printing

// Digital design tools


// Creating youth brands

// Design thinking methodology

// Marketing collateral

Putting it all together

As interns complete real-world projects for Rêve Dev and Rêve Retail, they’re motivated, challenged, and supported by Academy staff. The hands-on work of Student-Run Businesses allows interns to turn theory into reality. Over time, their professional and technical skills grow—and that’s when they’re invited to return to Rêve Academy as Senior Interns. These roles offer new responsibilities, opportunities for leadership, and a higher wage.

This approach provides powerful motivation for students who are ready to deepen their skills and take on more responsibility. But more importantly, it sets them on a life-changing path that’s dramatically different from their previous trajectory.

To learn more about Rêve Academy’s approach towards coursework and project work, please see our Student Journey Map below (PDF here).