At Rêve Academy, Jenna’s sincerity helped her connect with others.

Jenna didn’t let her quiet nature stop her from becoming fearless.

“I think I’ve grown the most with my anxiety about talking to people. It was really bad at the beginning of the year. Even at school I wasn’t very talkative. But after coming here it’s a lot different. I can actually talk to people.

From the very first day at Rêve Academy, I thought it was going to be hard, adult work. And even though it is kind of adult work, I feel that it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be—and more fun. It’s fun to work with others on projects. It’s fun because of communication and teamwork, and it’s fun to see everybody’s personalities coming out.”

I am…

// 17
// Quiet, goal oriented, creative
// A student at Metro Heights Academy

I dream of…

// Becoming a financial manager

Directing an original film with her team and presenting work to YMCA clients.

She embodied the value of Achievement.

“The most challenging project was learning how to work with Fusion 360, because that’s new to me. I wasn’t used to putting it all together, but my senior intern Bryan helped me with it. There are still parts I don’t know but I work with my teammates to figure it out.

Drupal was also really challenging at the beginning of the summer. We had no idea how to use it and there was no updated tutorial. The tutorial that we did have wasn’t really helpful, so we decided to email the client and they gave us a document that actually had way more information than the tutorial.

Now I feel more confident working with clients. I especially liked designing and drawing out the wireframes with everybody, and then coming up with ideas of how to make it better for our client.”

Jenna answering questions about the 3D-printed fidget toy she designed and prototyped.

She advocated for future and current teammates.

“I’ve helped another intern who struggles with time management with some of his work. Like I helped him prepare for mock job interviews and I help him sometimes with other little things he needs to do. I don’t mind—it’s fun.

One of my classmates kept asking me what Rêve Academy was like. So I told him what projects we would work on and I sent him some stuff through Snapchat. He checked it out and he liked it, so that’s how he got interested in coming here. I’m excited for summer because there are going to be new people here and I can’t wait to meet them.”

See the difference that Rêve Academy makes.

Jenna gained both technical and professional skills in her internship—and she didn’t have to pay a cent. In fact, we paid her a fair wage for her work each week, while she learned:

Professional skills

// Empathy
// Authenticity
// Collaboration
// Achievement
// Ingenuity
// Agility

Technical skills

// Fusion 360
// MakerBot
// Drupal
// Project management
// Agile development

Rêve Academy’s student interns of spring 2017.

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