Entrepreneur in Residence

Entrepreneur in Residence

A new endeavor for Rêve Academy

Rêve Academy is piloting a new option for youth entrepreneurs. We are excited to work with some of our former summer interns, who applied to be “Rêvers in Residence” this fall.

A Rêver in Residency position is a stipend-funded option for a student or team of students to pursue self-determined goals that improve upon or further the work related to their business concept development. Rêvers in Residence are paired with Rêve Academy staff or Digiteers who support them in their entrepreneurship journey as they continue to develop their business concepts pitched at Rêve Revival. Rêvers in Residence practice valuable professional skills in addition to advancing their digital career experience.

Upon completion of an Entrepreneur in Residence role, Residents present their project work to Rêve Academy staff. Staff provides feedback on the presentation and ideas for further development. Students can then apply to the next phase of their project work or Residency cycle if applicable.

We are fortunate to have two Rêvers in Residence currently working with us.

Here are some comments for our residents about their experience:


I’m furthering my group’s research from over the summer. I’m focusing on the marketing/funding and networking/connections aspects of our non-profit we designed over the summer (Mission ACE). It’s been going well so far, I’ve found some cool new information that I will share in my presentation hopefully sometime soon.


The school based Sr. Intern experience has allowed me to connect with my peers in a way I never got the chance to and learn more about their interests.

Right now we are currently trying to narrow down a business idea by exploring different passions we share.

Although things have been progressing very slowly due to busy schedules, I have no doubt that our final product will be amazing. The amount of knowledge and character the team poses astonishes me, as well as their drive to think of the most innovative ideas.

I am so grateful to have this experience, considering the times, as I have been able to not only learn from my peers but experiment with different technologies. There are so many new opportunities coming out of the times we are in and being able to look into those is important to me.


As Rêve Academy works to expand this offering, we aim to provide students the connections, support, and funding opportunities to launch their business ideas into reality.

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