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02 Apr A Time to Embrace Our Values

To Our Rêve Academy Community- We hope that you are staying safe and healthy during these difficult times. As we reflect on the current environment, we are reminded of the importance of embracing the core values that Rêve Academy was founded on and that we empower...

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09 Feb Meet Andrew Koch, Our Newest Hire!

We recently welcomed a new team member to Rêve Academy: Andrew Koch is joining us as Director, Operational Excellence, leading Rêve Academy’s fundraising, internal operations and skill-based volunteer ventures. We sat down with Andrew to learn more about what brought him to Rêve Academy.  Please take us...

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11 Nov Meet Senior Intern Avery Weiler

As one of our longest-serving interns, Avery Weiler has been a contributor to many of our flagship student-run business projects over the past two years. Having been promoted to Senior Intern in 2015, Avery recently guided a group of five students through their own internship experience at Rêve...

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06 Nov Teacher Spotlight: Suzanne Kobilka

We couldn't do our life-changing work without the help of teachers. They've brought Rêve Academy's coursework into dozens of local classrooms, helping us reach thousands of students. Under a teacher's guidance—and with curriculum and coaching support from the Academy—students learn marketable skills in business, technology,...

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