Announcing Amanda Janssen as New Executive Director

As Director of Academic Excellence since 2015, Amanda Janssen has been hard at work building resources and relationships in the EDU world. Now she’s been promoted to the role of Executive Director for our growing organization.

“Amanda embodies the values of Reve Academy. She believes our students can lead a digital revolution in this country. Her passion for transforming student experiences, as well as her expertise in the educational sector, make her a perfect fit,” said Brad von Bank, who served as the volunteer executive director from 2010 to 2016.

Rêve Academy was founded in 2010 in North Minneapolis, where co-founders Brad von Bank and Kristin Pardue saw a need for young people to be considered assets rather than liabilities. That need persists today, with young people of color making up the fastest-growing segment of Minnesota’s future workforce. We address that reality with responsive, research-based curricula and progressive student-run businesses that help students become digital leaders in the fields of business, technology, and design.

Amanda joined Rêve Academy in 2015 as Director of Academic Excellence following her time at ACS Hillingdon International School as a Learning Support educator. Her background as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and adjunct faculty member of Hamline University’s teacher education program have helped her build rapport with fellow educators.

At Rêve Academy, Amanda has designed curricula and practices that invite students to be the architects of their own learning. Her focus on continuous improvement has allowed Rêve Academy to innovate at a rapid pace and earn national accreditation, all while growing sustainable sources of revenue that help the organization serve students more effectively.

In 2017, Amanda will lead Rêve Academy in growing earned income, conducting research of a proprietary teaching methodology, and offering professional development opportunities for educators, among other goals.

“As Executive Director, my plan is to deepen and broaden the impact we’ve had,” she said. “We were in 10 schools last year and reached close to 1,000 students, but it’s not a numbers game. What’s most important is engaging students to the point where they realize that they can start a business, they can communicate and conduct themselves professionally, and they are capable of changing the world. We’re just giving them the tools they need to do it.”

Rêve Academy

Rêve Academy helps students dream with direction by providing pathways to digital careers. We create marketable talent by combining immersive coursework with real-world experience.