From high school dropout to aspiring streamer: Ezra’s story

This is a guest post from Interns Ashley and Angel.

As two of Rêve Academy’s spring 2018 interns, we wanted to shine a spotlight on our teammate, Ezra, and his passion for technology. When we first started working together, we immediately noticed his love for art, technology, and design. To learn more, we sat down with him to hear about his journey and his plans for the future.

When did you first start having an interest in technology?

At a very young age, I started playing with video games, and when I was 15 I had some older friends who worked with technology, and that was when I really got into it. I saw a lot of people being successful on YouTube and Twitch (a streaming service for video gamers), and I was inspired to be successful as a content creator myself.


What’s the coolest experience you’ve had at Rêve Academy so far?

I got the chance to go to Roomera, a virtual reality company, and try out their technology. They’re a bunch of computer nerds like me, which was fun. They did a hotel lobby and room, and they even had wine bottles and wine glasses that you could throw around. It’s phenomenal work…you could see the details of the ridges of the plants, it’s insane! I’ve played with VR before but I’ve never gotten to experience it in that much detail.

Did you ever think you would go to college for technology?

I was a high school dropout, and I never thought that I was going to go to college or anything of that sort. When I went back to school to get my high school diploma, I spoke to my social studies teacher. She told me about a program called Destination: Diploma to Degree (D3). I didn’t think twice about it, and so that’s how I started my journey through college and self discovery.

How has Rêve helped you achieve your goal of being a content creator?

Rêve has helped me by giving me practical skills, like learning more about graphic design and social media. They also helped me with professional skills, which I need to take advantage of business opportunities.

Beyond Rêve Academy, how do you plan to achieve your goals?

My plan is to accomplish college by getting my associate’s degree, and after that I am going to shoot for my bachelor’s degree in Film Post-Production and Video Editing. It’ll be a lot of work, but I know if I stay motivated, it’s gonna happen.

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