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At Rêve Academy, we help kids—especially those who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance—learn marketable skills in business, technology, and design. And as the Director of our two Student-Run Businesses, spending time with these kids is the best part of my day. I hope this video gives you an idea of how fun, curious, and ready to learn they are.


I don’t know everything. That’s where Digital Volunteers (Digiteers) come in—to share their skills and talents with a group of amazing kids. If you already know about our Digiteer program and are ready to get started, fill out the application here. If you still have questions, keep reading!

Intern Noe solves a 3D printing problem with the help of Digiteers Emily and Jonathan

Who can be a Digital Volunteer?

If you have experience with technology, design, or business, we would love to connect with you. Through Rêve Academy’s Digiteer program, you can teach and learn alongside our students as they work on projects.

We currently have MBA students from Carlson School of Management, designers and strategists from our sister company Rêve Consulting, retirees from 3M and Medtronic, and the CEO and Marketing Strategist from Otabo, a full-service footwear manufacturer. While we work with Digiteers from some really innovative and exciting organizations, we will work with anyone who has a desire to share their gifts.

Whether you’re a busy professional, stretched-thin student, or a retiree with extra time on your hands, we can work with your schedule. We also welcome groups of volunteers from businesses and universities.

Intern Hnia explains his group’s progress to Digiteers from Otabo

What will I do as a Digiteer?

We believe in creating engaging opportunities for students to learn both technical skills as well as workplace competencies. Past Digiteers have used a few different methods to work effectively with students:

1. Teach to students

You might have some really valuable information that our interns could benefit from. To equip our interns with digital design skills for a brochure project, one Digiteer led a lesson on Adobe InDesign.

2. Learn with students

Maybe you don’t consider yourself an expert, but you would be interested in learning a new skill or discovering a new technology. One Digiteer learned how to use Rêve Academy’s 3D printer alongside our interns!

3. Walk beside students

Instead of teaching everything he knew about branding, one Digiteer helped students discover the topic for themselves by encouraging them to collaborate and teach each other.

Interns prepare retail items for shipping with the guidance of Digiteer Joe

How do I get started?

If you’re ready to take the next step, we’d love to have you visit Rêve Academy. You’ll be able to learn more about our history, gain insights on working with students, and review current projects. If you’re a little nervous about interacting with students, don’t worry—we have plenty of conversation starters for you to try out when building your confidence. After that, we’ll figure out the schedule and student project that’s right for you.

Want to get started as a Digiteer? Fill out our volunteer application and we’ll be in touch!

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