Current Schools in Motion

We wanted to share a little information about some of the great partners we’ve been working with lately. A couple of our school programs have launched for the year—and we’re really excited about our exciting partnerships.

KIPP Stand Academy is part of the nation-wide “Knowledge Is Power Program” which is a network of free, open enrollment public schools which is committed to the same philosophies of no shortcuts and high expectations for students. KIPP Stand Academy is one of our founding partner schools and we are excited to continue be continuing the partnership in the 2012-2013 school year!

BEST Academy, SISTER Academy and HARVEST PREP are a collection of high performing charter schools in North Minneapolis which focus on closing the educational achievement gap. Our partnership was developed in summer 2012 when Rêve hosted a summer camp for 12 students selected from BEST and SISTER Academies. As of this fall, we have launched our program and are on the road to serving over 100 students this year.

Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) aims to build a culture of achievement in a geographic zone in North Minneapolis to ensure that all youth graduate from high school college-ready. Our partnership with NAZ  began in the summer of 2012 where kids from the zone participated in a two week summer camp to build websites.  We are committed to continuing the partnership this year.

Rêve Academy

Rêve Academy helps students dream with direction by providing pathways to digital careers. We create marketable talent by combining immersive coursework with real-world experience.