“Raiding a DIVA’s Closet”

This summer we had a team of interns who used their design skills to create a brand identity for a local non-profit—Project DIVA. Project DIVA is a non-profit designed to coach young women through life issues.

Project DIVAS mentors share how having self-respect leads to making better choices through ‘Let’s Talk About It Sessions,’ financial literacy, focused writing, community service and key collaborations that help in preparing them to handle real life situations throughout high school and into adulthood.

Through the Rêve and Project DIVA partnership, the birth of a new division, “ Raiding a DIVA’s Closet” was formed. Our interns were charged with the task of not only creating a logo for the new initiative, but also a variety of marketing materials that could be used to represent the Project DIVA brand.

We had a blast working with Project DIVA and continue to be inspired by their great work in the community!

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