Rêve Academy STEP-UP Achieve Interns 2013

Rêve Academy welcomed this summer’s STEP-UP Achieve interns for their first day! The day consisted of orientation, intense brainstorming for future projects, and an overview on what it means to be a Rêver.

This summer there will be two teams of interns, both of which will gain real-life professional experience. The Rêve Retail team will build a brand that sells various clothing and apparel. They will be busy planning the necessary phases to open and operate a two-week pop-up shop.

The Rêve Dev team will gain exceptional skills in coding and web development this summer. They will apply their ingenuity and empathy in building websites for operating businesses in North Minneapolis. The team will act as consultants for paying clients and go through a process of interviewing the clients, discovering business needs, developing the end product, and delivering the product to the client via a formal presentation.

We are excited about this summer’s group of talented interns!

Rêve Academy

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